About Ginger




Photos to take:
Married couples, or engaged... I LOVE the time I get to spend with them (or, on their wedding days, of course!). I used to rip out images of couples in my magazines as a teenager, and tape them to my wall. It's somehow impossible for me not to love photographing a couple in love.

Thing about photography:
The art of it, and being able to capture what I see as beautiful. and helping others see this beauty through the finished image.

Way to drink coffee:
Black, or soy latte heated to only 120degrees. If I want coffee, it's usually because I'm tired... I want to drink it ASAP!

Place on earth:
Capri, Italy.

I like...

People, Quality time with family and friends, Magazines, Bed and Breakfasts, Recycling, Making people laugh, Trying new food, wines, teas, and coffees, Giving, Entertaining/being a hostess, Oil and acrylic paintings, Italy, France, and Austria (+traveling), Anthropologie catalogs, Massages, relaxation, candles, Clouds (minus tornadoes), Psychology, Playing cello, Facebook, My cat (Spartacus), Real Estate, Cozy sweatpants & sweaters, Singing loudly in the car when I'm by myself, and God.

I am...


my story

about me

Nostalgic. Outgoing. Genuine. Spiritual. Empathetic. A Foodie (not a picky one... but I definitely appreciate fine foods!).